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LG Mobile Prices in UAE, LG Mobiles AED

LG Mobile Prices in UAE, LG Mobiles AED

LG W41 Pro Price Lg W41 Pro AED 478
LG W41 Plus Price Lg W41 Plus AED 478
LG W41 Price LG W41 AED 419
LG W31 Plus Price Lg W31 Plus AED 350
LG W31 Price LG W31 AED 315
LG W11 Price LG W11 AED 291
LG K92 5g Price Lg K92 5g AED 839
LG K62 Price LG K62 AED 536
LG Q52 Price LG Q52 AED 676
LG K52 Price LG K52 AED 466
LG K42 Price LG K42 AED 350
LG K71 Price LG K71 AED 431
LG Wing 5G Price LG Wing 5G AED 1,864
LG K22 Price LG K22 AED 256
LG Q92 5G Price LG Q92 5G AED 979
LG Q31 Price LG Q31 AED 408
LG K31 Price LG K31 AED 350
LG Q61 Price LG Q61 AED 559
LG Stylo 6 Price LG Stylo 6 AED 431
LG Velvet Price LG Velvet AED 1,398
LG Velvet 5G Price LG Velvet 5G AED 1,748
LG Q51 Price LG Q51 AED 583
LG K61 Price LG K61 AED 431
LG K51s Price LG K51s AED 373
LG K41s Price LG K41s AED 315
LG Q70 Price LG Q70 AED 827
LG K20 2019 Price LG K20 2019 AED 280
LG K40s Price LG K40s AED 443
LG K50s Price LG K50s AED 606
LG W30 Pro Price LG W30 Pro AED 419
LG W30 Price LG W30 AED 326
LG W10 Price LG W10 AED 280
LG G8 ThinQ Price LG G8 ThinQ AED 1,678
LG Q60 Price LG Q60 AED 431
LG K50 Price LG K50 AED 641
LG K40 Price LG K40 AED 478
LG Q9 Price LG Q9 AED 699
LG v40 ThinQ Price LG V40 ThinQ AED 1,165
LG G7 Fit Price LG G7 Fit AED 816
LG G7 One Price LG G7 One AED 909
LG K11 Plus Price LG K11 Plus AED 466
LG G6 Price LG G6 AED 885
LG G6 64GB Price LG G6 64GB AED 652
LG G6 128GB Price LG G6 128GB AED 769
LG Q6a Price LG Q6a AED 513
LG Q6 Price LG Q6 AED 256
LG V30 Price LG V30 AED 816
LG Q6 Plus Price LG Q6 Plus AED 326
LG G7 ThinQ Price LG G7 ThinQ AED 792
LG G8s ThinQ Price LG G8s ThinQ AED 1,282
LG Q7 Price LG Q7 AED 350
LG Q7 Plus Price LG Q7 Plus AED 443
LG V35 ThinQ Price LG V35 ThinQ AED 1,398
LG K8 2018 Price LG K8 2018 AED 163
LG Q Style Price LG Q Style AED 489
LG V30s ThinQ Price LG V30s ThinQ AED 1,608
LG G9 Price LG G9 coming soon
LG G9 ThinQ Price LG G9 ThinQ coming soon
LG G9 Plus Price LG G9 Plus coming soon
LG G9s Price LG G9s coming soon
LG G9s ThinQ Price LG G9s ThinQ coming soon
LG G9 5G Price LG G9 5G coming soon
LG G9 ThinQ 5G Price LG G9 ThinQ 5G coming soon
LG G9 ThinQ 2020 Price LG G9 ThinQ 2020 coming soon
LG X3 2020 Price LG X3 2020 coming soon
LG X4 2020 Price LG X4 2020 coming soon
LG X5 2020 Price LG X5 2020 coming soon
LG X6 2020 Price LG X6 2020 coming soon
LG Neon Plus Price LG Neon Plus coming soon
LG K41 Price LG K41 coming soon
LG K43 Price LG K43 coming soon
LG K21 Price LG K21 coming soon
LG W40 Price LG W40 coming soon
LG W50 Price LG W50 coming soon
LG K51 Price LG K51 AED 303
LG K53 Price LG K53 coming soon
LG K55 Price LG K55 coming soon
LG V60s ThinQ Price LG V60s ThinQ coming soon
LG V70 ThinQ Price LG V70 ThinQ coming soon
LG Style 3 Price LG Style 3 AED 746
LG Q51s Price LG Q51s AED 419
LG Q53 Price LG Q53 coming soon
LG Q91 Price LG Q91 AED 513
LG Q93 Price LG Q93 coming soon
LG Q33 Price LG Q33 coming soon
LG Q32 Price LG Q32 coming soon
LG Q63 Price LG Q63 coming soon
LG Q62 Price LG Q62 coming soon
LG Q92 Price LG Q92 coming soon
LG Velvet 4G Price LG Velvet 4G AED 1,398
LG Risio 4 Price LG Risio 4 AED 233
Lg Reflect Price Lg Reflect AED 303
LG K8 x Price LG K8 x AED 233
LG Velvet 2 Price LG Velvet 2 coming soon
Aristo 5 Price Aristo 5 AED 350
LG K31s Price LG K31s AED 245
LG Q93 5G Price LG Q93 5G coming soon
LG K32 Price LG K32 coming soon
LG K32s Price LG K32s coming soon
LG K42s Price LG K42s coming soon
LG K62s Price LG K62s coming soon
LG K92 Price LG K92 coming soon
LG K92s Price LG K92s coming soon
LG Q71 Price LG Q71 coming soon
LG Wing Price LG Wing AED 2,214
LG Stylo 7 Price LG Stylo 7 coming soon
LG Wing 2021 Price LG Wing 2021 coming soon
LG K63 Price LG K63 coming soon
LG K72 Price LG K72 coming soon
LG K81 Price LG K81 coming soon
LG K82 Price LG K82 coming soon
LG Q63s Price LG Q63s coming soon
LG Q83 Price LG Q83 AED 676
LG Q43 Price LG Q43 AED 699
LG K93 Price Lg K93 coming soon
LG K94 Price Lg K94 coming soon
LG K73 Price LG K73 coming soon
LG W32 Price Lg W32 coming soon
LG Wing 2 Price LG Wing 2 coming soon
LG K30 2019  Price LG K30 2019 AED 326

LG Mobile Prices in the UAE

LG is a Korean based Electronic Company, founded in 1996. LG is giving competition to many famous mobile phone manufacturers such as SamsungVivoSonyXiaomiHuawei, and OPPO phones.

To fulfill the demands of its users, LG launched a vast verity of mobile phones with different and attractive designs, display, better user interface, outstanding back & front camera specs, latest software OS, long-lasting battery, Bluetooth, USB, Games, and many other options.

The slogan of LG is "Life's Good." LG is just like the latest technology right at your fingertips that makes you even more functional. Its attractive design will attract you and also the people around you.

Here in the UAE, it not included in the top 10 Smartphone makers. SamsungVivoSonyXiaomi, and Huawei are the most active competitors of LG in the UAE. These Mobile phone brands are giving high competition to LG. Samsung leads the mobile phone in Uae, with 38.94% market shares.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country in Western Asia at the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf. The amount of mobile phone users in the UAE is about 20 million because the mobile phone is the easiest way to communicate. There are thousands of LG mobile phones in Uae, ranging from AED 200- AED 4,500.

There are several LG mobile phone series. The division of these LG series in the UAE, according to their price range is as follows.

The cheapest mobile phones of LG in the UAE come within AED 610. Some mobile phones of this series which comes in this range are LG Q6LG Q6 PlusLG K40LG K40s, and some more. People who have budget issues and want to buy a mobile phone which can do basic things such as call, texting, taking pictures can find this LG series helping.

Above the cheapest phones now come budget-friendly phones whose price ranges within AED 610-1, 220 in the UAE. LG Q Stylo 4LG W30 ProLG G6 64GBLG K50and many more come in this range. After budget-friendly phones, here come mid-range mobile phones, and their prices range in the UAE is between AED 1, 220-1, 850. LG Q70LG V35 ThinQLG V30S ThinQLG G7 One, and many more included in mid-range.

The price range of mid to high range phones in the UAE is within AED 1, 850-2, 460. LG V40 ThinQLG G8 ThinQ, and some more come in this mid to high range. The Flagship phones of LG are usually expensive. The price range of these LG phones in the UAE is above AED 2, 460. The people who purchase mobile phones just for fashion and high price are not an issue for them usually likes to buy expensive flagship mobile phone. LG V50 ThinQ 5GLG V50S ThinQ 5GLG G8S ThinQ, and many more come in this range. LG G8X ThinQ is its upcoming mobile phone.

On this website, anyone can get all the latest updates on Mobile Prices, Specs, Reviews, and Features of all the mobile phone brands in all the countries. When someone wants to buy a mobile phone, he feels suffocated while comparing different phones. On this website, you can compare 2 or 3 mobile phones at a time which helps you to choose a better phone.

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