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Vivo Mobile Prices In India - Vivo mobile Price List in India

Vivo Mobile Prices In India - Vivo mobile Price List in India

Vivo X50 Pro Price Vivo X50 Pro Rs 39,050
Vivo X50 Price Vivo X50 Rs 31,240
vivo iQOO Z1 Price Vivo iQOO Z1 Rs 28,400
Vivo Y70s 5G Price Vivo Y70s 5G Rs 21,300
vivo iQOO Z1x Price Vivo iQOO Z1x Rs 26,980
Vivo Z5x 712 Price Vivo Z5x 712 Rs 15,620
Vivo Y30 Price Vivo Y30 Rs 15,620
vivo iQOO U1 Price Vivo iQOO U1 Rs 31,240
Vivo Y50 Price Vivo Y50 Rs 17,750
Vivo V19 Price Vivo V19 Rs 22,720
Vivo S6 5G Price Vivo S6 5G Rs 26,270
Vivo NEX 3s 5G Price Vivo NEX 3s 5G Rs 42,600
Vivo iQOO 3 5G Price Vivo iQOO 3 5G Rs 35,500
Vivo Z6 5G Price Vivo Z6 5G Rs 29,820
Vivo X30 Pro Price Vivo X30 Pro Rs 36,210
Vivo X30 Price Vivo X30 Rs 29,820
Vivo Z5i Price Vivo Z5i Rs 16,330
Vivo S1 Pro Price Vivo S1 Pro Rs 22,010
Vivo V17 Price Vivo V17 Rs 24,850
Vivo U20 Price Vivo U20 Rs 9,940
Vivo Y19 Price Vivo Y19 Rs 14,200
Vivo Y5s Price Vivo Y5s Rs 12,780
Vivo U3x Price Vivo U3x Rs 8,520
Vivo U3 Price Vivo U3 Rs 9,940
Vivo V17 Pro Price Vivo V17 Pro Rs 26,270
Vivo S5 Price Vivo S5 Rs 24,850
Vivo U10 Price Vivo U10 Rs 8,520
Vivo Z1x Price Vivo Z1x Rs 15,620
Vivo NEX 3 5G Price Vivo NEX 3 5G Rs 56,800
Vivo V7 Price Vivo V7 Rs 14,910
Vivo V7 Plus Price Vivo V7 Plus Rs 11,360
Vivo V5s Price Vivo V5s Rs 12,780
Vivo V5 Plus Price Vivo V5 Plus Rs 25,560
Vivo Y53 Price Vivo Y53 Rs 8,520
Vivo Y55s Price Vivo Y55s Rs 7,100
Vivo Y65 Price Vivo Y65 Rs 13,490
Vivo Y69 Price Vivo Y69 Rs 8,520
Vivo Z3i Price Vivo Z3i Rs 24,850
Vivo Z3 Price Vivo Z3 Rs 16,330
Vivo V11 Pro Price Vivo V11 Pro Rs 17,040
Vivo V11i Price Vivo V11i coming soon
Vivo Y71 Price Vivo Y71 Rs 11,360
Vivo Y81 Price Vivo Y81 Rs 9,230
Vivo Y95 Price Vivo Y95 Rs 12,070
Vivo Z1 Price Vivo Z1 Rs 16,330
Vivo Z1 Lite Price Vivo Z1 Lite Rs 11,360
Vivo Y97 Price Vivo Y97 Rs 21,300
Vivo Y93s Price Vivo Y93s Rs 17,750
Vivo Y93 Price Vivo Y93 Rs 9,940
Vivo Y83 Price Vivo Y83 Rs 9,940
Vivo Y83 Pro Price Vivo Y83 Pro Rs 11,360
Vivo Y81i Price Vivo Y81i Rs 8,520
Vivo Y71i Price Vivo Y71i Rs 8,520
Vivo X23 Price Vivo X23 Rs 36,210
Vivo X21i Price Vivo X21i Rs 28,400
Vivo X21 Price Vivo X21 Rs 20,590
Vivo X21 UD Price Vivo X21 UD Rs 29,820
Vivo V9 Youth Price Vivo V9 Youth Rs 11,360
Vivo Nex S Price Vivo Nex S Rs 46,150
Vivo Nex A Price Vivo Nex A Rs 26,270
Vivo Y91 Price Vivo Y91 Rs 7,810
Vivo Y89 Price Vivo Y89 Rs 14,910
Vivo X27 Price Vivo X27 Rs 32,660
Vivo S1 Price Vivo S1 Rs 16,330
Vivo X27 Pro Price Vivo X27 Pro Rs 40,470
Vivo Z3x Price Vivo Z3x Rs 15,620
Vivo iQ00 Price Vivo iQ00 Rs 26,270
Vivo Y91i Price Vivo Y91i Rs 7,100
Vivo Y91c Price Vivo Y91c Rs 9,230
Vivo Y91 Price Vivo Y91 Rs 7,810
Vivo V15 Price Vivo V15 Rs 16,330
Vivo V15 Pro Price Vivo V15 Pro Rs 19,880
Vivo NEX 4 Price Vivo NEX 4 coming soon
Vivo Z5x Price Vivo Z5x Rs 14,200
Vivo Y12 Price Vivo Y12 Rs 12,070
Vivo Y15 Price Vivo Y15 Rs 11,360
Vivo Y17 Price Vivo Y17 Rs 14,200
Vivo Z1 Pro Price Vivo Z1 Pro Rs 14,200
Vivo iQOO Neo Price Vivo iQOO Neo Rs 17,750
Vivo iQ00 Pro Price Vivo iQ00 Pro Rs 31,950
Vivo V17 India Price Vivo V17 India Rs 21,300
Vivo S2 Price Vivo S2 coming soon
Vivo S2 Pro Price Vivo S2 Pro coming soon
Vivo S5 Pro Price Vivo S5 Pro coming soon
Vivo S6 Pro Price Vivo S6 Pro coming soon
Vivo S7 Price Vivo S7 coming soon
Vivo S7 Pro Price Vivo S7 Pro coming soon
Vivo S8 Price Vivo S8 coming soon
Vivo S8 Pro Price Vivo S8 Pro coming soon
Vivo S9 Price Vivo S9 coming soon
Vivo S9 Pro Price Vivo S9 Pro coming soon
Vivo S3 Price Vivo S3 coming soon
Vivo S3 Pro Price Vivo S3 Pro coming soon
Vivo S4 Price Vivo S4 coming soon
Vivo S4 Pro Price Vivo S4 Pro coming soon
Vivo S10 Price Vivo S10 coming soon
Vivo S10 Pro Price Vivo S10 Pro coming soon
Vivo S11 Price Vivo S11 Rs 17,750
Vivo S11 Pro Price Vivo S11 Pro coming soon
Vivo V19 Pro Price Vivo V19 Pro Rs 34,080
Vivo Y13 Price Vivo Y13 Rs 9,940
Vivo V30 Price Vivo V30 Rs 14,200
Vivo V29 Price Vivo V29 coming soon
Vivo V27 Price Vivo V27 coming soon
Vivo X30 5G Price Vivo X30 5G Rs 31,950
Vivo Z7 Price Vivo Z7 coming soon
Vivo Z7 Pro Price Vivo Z7 Pro coming soon
Vivo Z9 Price Vivo Z9 coming soon
Vivo Z9 Pro Price Vivo Z9 Pro coming soon
Vivo iQOO 3 Price Vivo iQOO 3 coming soon
Vivo iQOO 3 Pro Price Vivo iQOO 3 Pro coming soon
Vivo NEX 4 Pro Price Vivo NEX 4 Pro coming soon
Vivo iQOO 3 Neo Price Vivo iQOO 3 Neo coming soon
Vivo Y21 2020 Price Vivo Y21 2020 coming soon
Vivo Y31 Price Vivo Y31 coming soon
Vivo Y41 Price Vivo Y41 coming soon
Vivo Y51 Price Vivo Y51 coming soon
Vivo Y61 Price Vivo Y61 coming soon
Vivo Y71 Price Vivo Y71 coming soon
Vivo Y81 Price Vivo Y81 coming soon
Vivo Y91 2020 Price Vivo Y91 2020 coming soon
Vivo Y70 Price Vivo Y70 coming soon
Vivo V19 (india) Price Vivo V19 (india) coming soon

Vivo mobile prices in India

Vivo is a Chinese telecommunications company founded in 2009, in Dongguan, China. Till now, from the time of its launch, it has expanded to over 100 countries around the world, including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

The slogan of Vivo is ‘Camera & Music,’ which shows the direction of the brand to perfecting photography and audio functions and designs in its future products. And as we know, pictures are the stored memories that help us to share the fun moments of life and express themselves. Vivo brings a particular focus to the smartphone photography experience of its users.

Vivo ranked among the top 10 smartphone makers because of its low-cost Android phones. It is listed in the 6th position globally, with 8% market shares. This brand focuses on launching top-notch products. All the Vivo mobile phones come with professional features. Extraordinary display & design, fast and smooth processing power, smart Selfie expert camera, and many more features are standard in its phones.

In India, it is not included in the top 10 Smartphone maker. SamsungHuaweiXiaomiOppo, and Apple are the most active competitors of Vivo in India. These Mobile phone brands are giving high competition to Vivo. Xiaomi leads the Smartphone market in India, with 24.05% market shares.

India is a south Asian country where the amount of mobile phone users is about 800 million because the mobile phone is the easiest way to communicate. There are thousands of Vivo mobile phones in India, ranging from RS. 7,950- RS. 55,530.

There are several Vivo mobile phone series. The most famous Vivo series is Y – Series, V-Series, X-Series, and Nex Series. The division of these Vivo series in India according to their price range is as follows.

The cheapest mobile phones of Vivo in India are within RS.15, 850. Some mobile phones in this range are Vivo Y12Vivo U10Vivo Y93Y81Y91i, and many more. People who have budget issues and want to buy a mobile phone which can do basic things such as call, texting, taking pictures. They can find helping Vivo mobile phones in this range.

Above the cheapest phones now come budget-friendly phones whose price ranges within RS.15, 850-23, 780 in India. Vivo Y69Vivo Y91Vivo Y17Vivo Z5x, and many more come in this range. After budget-friendly phones here comes, mid-range mobile phone, and their prices range in India in between RS.23, 780-31, 730: Vivo S1 Pro, Vivo V7+, Vivo iQOO, Vivo X27, and many more included in this range.

The price range of mid to high range phones in India is within RS.31, 730-47, 590. Vivo iQOO Pro 5GVivo Y17 ProVivo X27 ProVivo iQOO Pro, and many more come in this range. The Flagship phones of Vivo are usually costly. The mobile phones in this series come with a higher price, but they are so reasonable for such a luxurious phone. The price range of these Vivo series in India is above RS.47, 590. The people who purchase mobile phones just for fashion and high price are not an issue for them usually likes to buy expensive flagship mobile phone. Vivo NEX Dual DisplayVivo NEX SVivo NEX 3 5GVivo NEX A, and some more come in this range.

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